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Simple design, reliability built in.

Flat Slat Doors: Features


The “Flat Slat” has long been the slat of choice for any and all openings requiring a weather seal.
The flat slat presents a clean look from the exterior of the building, and the addition of weather seal provides protection from the elements and assists in the energy efficiency of the structure.

Bristol Rolling Doors are hand crafted with the finest metals. Every Flat Slat door is manufactured with a 25,000-cycle spring assembly. Wall angles, guides, and bottom bar are all manufactured with structural angles that are continuous construction. In an effort to control costs, many door companies have taken to welding pieces together. At Bristol Rolling Door we manufacture the old fashioned way; we calculate yields so that the door is never manufactured with spliced materials. Each door is manufactured with a 20-gauge, galvanized flat slat, finished in grey.

Bristol Rolling Doors are manufactured with the end user in mind, therefore many options are available. Need to see into or out of the opening? A favorite flat slat option is the vision slat. A vision slat can have numerous 1-3/4” x 4-3/4” vision cutouts throughout. From hand chain, to crank, or motor operation - all doors are designed to operate effortlessly. Motor operated doors have a full range of safety options available: from standard photo eyes, to pneumatic or electric safety edges, light curtains, loop detectors, and motion sensors are all available.

Gear covers and motor covers are also an option for any door that might require one.

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