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Simple design, reliability built in.

Band Spring Doors: Features


Band Spring Doors, which are colloquially referred to as "store front doors," due to their almost exclusive use as protection over the fronts of windows and doors of a store front.

Whereas other manufacturers us 22 or 24-gauge slat material; our philosophy is that if you are protecting something, then protect it well. Therefore, all Bristol Rolling Door Band Spring Doors are manufactured with the same 20-gauge slat that is used in the manufacturing of our Flat and Crown Slat Doors.

Band Spring Doors are available in either a flat slat or a crown slat configuration; your choice.

Band Spring Doors are designed for push up operation, but have available motor operation through a center mount if so desired. A 115-volt motor operator is attached to the pipe and then hidden under the hood.

All Bristol Rolling Door Band Spring doors are designed with ease of use and reliability in mind. 

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